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Case Study

"Rate Your Experience”: Using Emotion Analytics To Uncover The Core Experience For Videoconference Platform Users

To understand how people 'feel' about the videoconferencing category, GutCheck ran an Innovation Illuminator study which harnesses proprietary Hybrid Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to uncover the emotions people experienced while using the top 5 videoconferencing platforms professionally and personally.

The experiences from a combination of B2B and B2C users were analyzed from over 75,000 comments and 
reviews gathered from online community and platform hubs and review sites.


What You'll Discover: 

  • A brief overview of Hybrid NLP methodology

  • The leading positive and negative emotions users have when using videoconferencing platforms

  • What the drivers behind the positive and negative emotions users experienced are

  • How the KANO prioritization framework created actionable outputs for videoconferencing platforms to utilize for optimization