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Case Study

How GutCheck’s Persona Connector Helped Nestlé Modern Health Deeply Understand Their Audience and Brand Potential

Nestlé Modern Health was looking to gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and explore brand strategy opportunities for both the Lean Cuisine and Life Cuisine brands.

To help them explore the similarities and differences in these audiences, GutCheck employed Persona Connector, an agile Human Experience Intelligence (HXI) solution, which offers in-depth persona development utilizing both explicit and implicit measurements to get at deeper levels of human understanding with speed and flexibility.




What You'll Discover: 

  • An overview of the key questions and objectives the Nestlé Modern Health team was focused on 

  • How Persona Connector was able to leverage implicit and explicit measurements to craft the persona of each brand purchaser

  • The actionable results and key recommendations the Nestlé Modern Health team received to help inform their go-forward strategy