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Consumer Tech: How Do People Feel about The Role of Technology in Their Lives?


With Gen Z accounting for just over 10% of the adult population (18+), over 45% of the US adult population (Gen Z + Millennials) are now considered ‘digital natives’. While people in older generations learned and adapted their personal and work lives to rapidly advancing technology, the digital natives were born into it and it’s all they know. 

Our last GutCheckonomics wave set out to examine not the ‘attitudes’ of different generations towards tech, but instead we went below the surface to examine how people of different ages feel at an emotional 
level about its role in their lives. 




What You'll Discover: 

  • The difference between the feelings expressed by the digital native generations vs. the older generations

  • What drives the positive and negative emotions of younger and older generations

  • Which tech devices each generational group are likely to purchase next, and the role of sustainability in these purchase decisions