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Personal Finance in 2023: How People Are Feeling & the Technology They're Using


As part of the GutCheckonomics Wave 4 study in January ’23, we asked a series of questions relating to people’s finances – how they were feeling about their financial outlook, and how they used technology to  help manage different financial tasks. 

Using Hybrid Natural Language Processing to go beneath the surface, we see that there is still a generally negative outlook for the year ahead, which will undoubtedly impact how people choose to spend and save 
their resources. We also see the key role that technology now plays in how people bank, spend, save, and invest their money.




What You'll Discover: 

  • The difference between the self-reported feelings and detected emotions of people's general financial outlook for 2023, as well as the difference by income bracket

  • A break down of the top entities people would trust for financial advice, broken down by income bracket

  • The generational differences in how technology is used for financial transactions and planning