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'Better for You' Foods: Digesting the Latest Consumer Trends

It's no secret that today's consumers have become increasingly focused on their health and well-being, a trend that's exploded in recent years. As part of this shift, they're constantly mindful of the products they choose to fuel their bodies with, and are paying much closer attention to sourcing, ingredients, nutrition labels and packaging. How can brands adapt to serve these changing appetites?


Antje Sardo

Senior Research Analyst, GutCheck

Stew Maurer

EVP of Marketing, GutCheck

What You'll Learn:

  • How the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted consumer behaviors.
  • The types of products that consumers gravitate toward (and what they avoid) while shopping.
  • The effect of marketing and health claims on purchase decisions.
  • How different generations perceive and interact with healthy food options.
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