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How Chobani Leveraged Market Research to Predict the Impact of a New Product Launch

We know that brand and consumer insight professionals working in fast-moving consumer goods are expected to understand the impact of a new product launch before it hits the shelves. But with faster innovation cycles, disconnected data sources, and consumers often overstating their desire to buy a new product, missed expectations can be a reality.


Allison Fischler

Director of Insights & Analytics, Chobani

Matt Lucas

Product Manager, GutCheck

What You'll Learn:

  • How Chobani partnered with GutCheck to understand the impact its new product would have on the market including how likely it would be for consumers to change their buying behavior when the new product hits the shelves.
  • How the Chobani team uncovered important dynamics about their target audience that went beyond survey testing to help them zero-in on the right marketing and messaging.
  • How GutCheck's agile, cost-effective solution enables you to measure the impact of cannibalization and incremental revenues within weeks and earlier on innovation cycles.
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