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Video Recording

From Nuance to Strategy: How Nestlé is Leveraging and Actioning In-Depth Persona Insights

Explore how the Nestlé food team is taking their persona research to the next level with a refreshingly human approach that informs their positioning, communication and product strategies. See how the depth and breadth of these insights creates natural, cross-functional alignment for actively learning about their consumer, ensuring the human connection is included at all stages of development and optimization.

What You'll Learn:

  • Benefits of utilizing AI and behavioral science combined with expert human analysis.
  • The multi-dimensional insights uncovered when looking at an iconic brand vs new entrant. 
  • How you can leverage persona research to get closer to your consumer and draw out nuances about their personality and needs. 
  • Nestlé’s balance of a speed-first mentality to achieving deeper insights at scale. 
  • Ongoing partnership strategies to make the most of relationships with your research vendors.