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Innovator's Playbook: Understanding Emotions

Watch now to find out why emotion is a better predictor of buying behavior than sentiment, and how to leverage it to lead your innovation strategy.


Rob Wengel

CEO, GutCheck


Kelly Port

Executive VP of Product Development & Commercialization, GutCheck

What You'll Learn:

  • Understanding people's organic emotions collected 'in the wild' at scale using Hybrid NLP, provides more attributes, deeper emotions and more overall richness compared to traditional survey research methods.
  • Human Experience Intelligence research using Hybrid NLP identifies patterns that are meaningful guides to innovation focus areas, not just to ensure brands don't miss critical 'must-haves', but to also give them areas where they can turn happiness into delight and stand apart from their competition.
  • In a world where the expressions of how people feel are more pervasive and accessible than ever before, learn how you can analyze these expressions, in context, to fuel your next brand innovation.

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