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Agile Human Experience Intelligence: Why People, Not Consumers, Drive Brand Growth

The people who buy and use your products and services increasingly demand empathic "they get me" experiences, and the brands that deliver on this will win. Connecting this deeply requires uncovering and satisfying authentic, emotion-driven unmet or under-met needs. But how do we discover those moments of frustration, struggle, delight, or enthusiasm in the context of actual human experience?

Through the twin lenses of a unique technological approach and a gutsy look at the human experience, learn how emotion tells a far richer story than sentiment; understand why it is imperative to look "in the wild" for meaningful human frustrations/tensions that lead to successful product or service improvement; and discover how you can virtually eliminate the research bias inherent in other methods while gaining more authentic and organic insights.


Renee Smith

Chief Research Officer, GutCheck


Kelly Port

EVP of Product Development & Commercialization, GutCheck

What You'll Learn: 

  • What Human Experience Intelligence is
  • How deeper connections to people build brands and better innovation
  • The benefits of leveraging the power of humans AND machines for research
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